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The method for calculating the size of periodontalwound and periodontal inflammatory burden was developed to serve as a tool for dental professionals to better illustrate the importance of periodontal disease to patients and  also for the rough assessment of the risk for cardiovascular complications due to periodontal disease. The program also allows analysis of changes in the size of the periodontal wound through the duration of treatment and after treatment. For more information please contact us on






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1. Periodontal Wound is internet application and working only connected on web.

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ADAL d.o.o. from Ljubljana is company who build application and selling it. Company Skaldens d.o.o. from Ljubljana is company Skaldens is a company that is the author of the calculation, and takes care of the professional development of the application


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By accepting the Terms of Use, the Buyer declares that all information provided by it is true and complete, that it is legally competent, is authorized by the current account user and that there is no known obstacle preventing it from ordering and purchasing products on the online store. In accordance with the Privacy and Security Statement, the Company collects only the basic information necessary to fulfill its obligations. Periodontalwound uses only the payment to the transaction account of ADAL d.o.o. For a valid order and purchase of a product, the person who executed the order must be 20 years of age or older.

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The purchase processes

The user at registration, can choose from the licenses currently available. After completing all the necessary information, the program sends a pro forma invoice. Upon payment to the account of ADAL d.o.o. the license activation process begins (up to 7 days).


The prices on the website are considered to be: the prices at the time of purchase, are the same as the prices on activation. All prices include VAT (22%), except where otherwise stated, in the price is also included shipping costs of the User Manual for User (only for EU).  Shipping costs from outside of EU is calculated extra. reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.


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Payment directly to our bank account via online bank or bank branch. You will receive all the necessary information for making the payment on the pro forma invoice, which you receive by e-mail (user registered email).

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Shipment is made as soon as possible or within 7 working days after receiving payment on our account and if the products you ordered is in stock (stock of print media). We deliver the products to the address you specify in your confirmation email.

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The buyer (User) have to register with valid email and password. For any informations please contact us at info(at)

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Guarantee guarantee for normal use of application. If there is problem, please contact us on info(at) and our service will try to fix problem in shortest time possible (only according application problems).  Browser and computer errors where the application is used, company ADAL d.o.o. and SKALDENS d.o.o. are not obliged to solve this problem. Company ADAL d.o.o. and SKALDENS d.o.o. does its best to ensure that the information contained on its web site is kept up to date. However, the properties of the program or price may change so quickly that the seller fails to correct the information on the websites. In this case, the seller will notify the buyer.


The application and its calculations are INFORMATIONAL purposes only. Dentist, Doctor or Oral Hygienist, is responsible for the patient. knowledge of the doctor or oral hygienist, must adhere to all the principles required by the organization in his country or the institution that has granted him the to do practice in dental or any other medical activity.



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